Is Your Content Heisman Worthy?

Last weekend Johnny Manziel, or Johnny “Football” as the college world knows him by, was announced as the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. What is so significant and special about this year’s award is that it was between a defensive player, Manti Te’o, and the freshman quarterback, Johnny Manziel (Sorry Collin Klein, it wasn’t in the cards). The reason it was so unique was because both soon-to-be legends had back stories that put them in line for the coveted trophy.

So what does the Heisman have to do with your blog? It should set the standards for the content you have in the blog post  The blog’s first paragraph needs to be intriguing enough in order to get the reader to want to continue reading. After you’ve hooked them the rest of the blog should be beneficial to the reader in the area you are emphasizing on. Below are three key tips to increase your blogs content value.

Relevant: Make your content topical.
If it is being talked about by others it is going to generate more leads through Google’s keyword search. If you’re still trying to compare Rebecca Black’s Friday Song to Viral Marketing you need to do some more recent research to capture the audience’s attention.

Informative: Excuse me, but your content is showing.
Make sure you create content that is worthy of being re-blogged  If you don’t think it is worthy of a Heisman Trophy in the blogging world then it shouldn’t be posted. Maybe a tweet or a Facebook post would be more appropriate. This should be the most important part of your blog and the content that highlights the title.

Short & Sweet: 400 words or less.
With sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit, content is constantly being clicked through at a rapid rate. Your blog should not be a novel, it is considered a blog because it is a short article on the internet. Nobody likes to click on a creative title and see that they have to cancel their plans for the rest of the day. People have short attention span and the internet’s is even shorter, keep the content informative, but brief. It will have much more of an effect than the latter.

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