Mysterious Pinterest “MikeLike” Button & How to Remove It

As a marketing and media company, we are all about being honest in our marketing ways and tactics.  This past week, I’ve noticed that a mysterious “MikeLike” button has creeped into my favorite Chrome browser.  It appears when I right click on an image, as shown:

how to remove mikelike from pinterest and chrome louve notes media group

It also appears when I’m using a Chrome extension called Pinterest Button:

mikelike mike like button louve notes media group

Now, when an extension is given the name “Pinterest Button,” you would think it should be the official Pinterest button extension for Chrome.  But boy did I assume incorrectly.  Apparently the developer of this specific Chrome extension decided to market their work with another Pinterest-wanna-be company called MikeLike.  The “Pinterest Button” is not designed by Pinterest, so it can technically make any changes it wants to, even if it is just one guy who built an app once upon a time.

This sneaky way of marketing an unknown website is a major violation of internet etiquette rules.  The brand was inconsistent and not even named the same thing as the Pinterest Button extension, and there was no way for most people to stumble upon the answer as to who MikeLike is.  MikeLike may be useful for some, as it offers private pin boards, but through no fault of Pinterest, a rogue extension downloaded to Chrome led to a great deal of confusion.

The Lesson

When installing Chrome Extensions or any sort of browser tool, try to use the official extension from the source if you can, even if the functionality lacks.   This is a major violation of my Chrome and Internet privacy, and also any others who have downloaded this specific extension.  I’ve since deleted the “Pinterest Button” with no hesitation.  Since there is no official Pinterest button extension for Chrome, I have found a reliable substitute called “Pinterest Pin It” (by Shareaholic).   It has all of the same functionality and it doesn’t force users to Like someone named Mike.

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    I think the real lesson is to read the description, not just the title. The description says:

    “The first and most stable Pinterest extension to date. Send images to your pinboards from any website and pin to alternative pinboards including MikeLike.”

    Seems pretty clear to me.


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