Presidential Edition: How to Convert Potential Customers into Leads

Last night you were probably watching one of three things: The NLCS playoff game, the MNF game, or the final Presidential Debate. Granted, the results showed that this was the least viewed out of the three debates; that statistic was moot in comparison to the Social Media activity due to the candidates’ challenges to the people, or for the blog’s sake, customers to “look it up”.

Other strategies were used by the two candidates to try and persuade voters into voting for them as well. From a business perspective, it is similar to a company trying to persuade potential customers into loyal customers. Let’s pretend your company is in the running for the Presidential Election and all of your “potential voters” want to know why they should choose you as oppose to another candidate. It is your responsibility to sway the voters into voting for you, aka becoming a customer. How would you, the Presidential hopeful, handle that?

Tweet, Tweet:

From a numbers standpoint, Twitter alone generated over 24 million tweets about the three debates. Most notably, from the now infamous “Have less horses and bayonets than in 1916” remark by President Obama, which peaked at 105,767 mentions per minute. Most companies will never hit that colossal mark, but it shows that being relevant and posting about intriguing topics often, can go a long way on Twitter.

Challenge to follow through:

What other marketing tactics can a business take away from the quarrels of the Presidential Debate? A simple, yet, fundamental takeaway is that it is always important to be confident. Each party was certain that everything they stated was true; whether that was the case or not, the candidates challenged voters to look up bold statements. In your business this can be done as well by creating CTA (Calls To-Action) Buttons that “challenge” potential clients to check out if you do actually offer a free eBook.

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