Twitter’s New App: The Vine Review

Last week Twitter announced the launch of their new app, Vine, via their blog. The app has undergone early hiccups and scrutiny for some “human errors” but has since removed the problem. The app features looped six second videos that users can post about everyday activities and label them with the Twitter hashtag. The setup is similar to Twitter with followers instead of friends, and the bonus is you can link your accounts to convert your followers to the new app. Even though this type of app has been introduced for some time now with Viddy and Socialcam, the Twitter-based video app is likely to gain more of a following because of its parent platform. In the first 24 hours of the launch the free app reached No. 14 on the iTunes App Store and is likely to keep rising with its most recent publicity. With everyone starting out as a “beginner” to this looping video app, I thought I would share my top 5 tips and experiences after the first week of testing out the app. (Why wouldn’t I use hashtags for their original purpose?)

#1. Even if you don’t hear the video, others will.

If you’re like me your phone is almost always on vibrate and you hate to turn on the volume. After realizing when you unmute the phone the videos fill with sound, I felt a bit sheepish re-watching my horrible edited videos. (Who would have thought right?) If you are wanting to make a video with no unwanted noises attached, it is best to film in a quiet place. Turn your sound on while filming to be sure its quiet during the playback.

#2. The more likes you give, the more likes you receive!

Browse the “Explore” tab on the drop down screen and go smile crazy! People are extremely creative and it is shown through this app with good loops, StopArt, and funny animal posts. Give them a “smiley face” (the Twitter “Favorite”, Facebook “Like”) and you will likely see people reciprocate the generous act.

#3. Follow Khoa.

I don’t know this guy personally, or if he is a developer of the app, but his Vine posts are PHENOMENAL. I don’t want to think about how long it takes to make each and every frame, but the final product is awesome. He has some serious talent at StopArt and if you’re looking for inspiration he’s a good place to start.

#4. Identical to Twitter and Facebook: The more people you follow, the more your “Home” feed fills up.

The title is pretty self-explanatory for this one. If you follow more and more people, the less likely you are to see most of their posts. Since this app is still so fresh you’ll find random people following each other. It’s pretty cool to see people’s posts from around the world, but if you are looking to only see your friends nifty posts its best to play it cool on the follows.

#5. Similar to SnapChat.

No your posts will not be deleted right after being sent you conniving users! Similar in the sense that, to record a video your finger must be on the screen. The longer you hold the screen the more fluid the video becomes. To become a StopArt master you will have to repeatedly hold and release your finger for the allotted six seconds.

Above all else have fun with the app! Its fun to explore and test your creative video making talents. I hope you found this review entertaining as well as informative and that you give the Vine a shot, I did and I really enjoy it!

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