We Empower People • Build Organizations • Impact Local Communities

transform lives.

Grow Your People

We help you improve productivity as we work to identify the levers that best drive and empower the people who serve with you.

Lower Your Overhead

Entrepid delivers quality, cost-effective solutions designed to increase your organizational productivity and long-term impact.

Optimize Your Strategy

Our solutions will align your entire team to execute on strategic goals and give clear visibility to priorities and progress towards them.

Wow Your Customers

Win customers and keep them with a team empowered to deliver Golden Rule customer service and innovative solutions.

We develop people & build organizations that change lives

We develop and train people to be workforce-ready individuals, able to serve business owners in various operational capacities. We equip business owners and executive leadership with the operational infrastructure to build, grow and sustain organizations that positively impact the local community.

Our mission is not to develop the best technology or discover the latest scientific breakthrough, but our mission is to equip, train and develop the people who will. Our people are our greatest asset and they are the key benefit of our services.

We dedicate most of our time to business and operations management, people management and development, and business process design for growth-stage businesses.

Our people not only make a difference, they are the difference.

Entrepid is a people company. We serve with people who manage people, and with people who want to be better people. We strive to transform the life of every person we have the privilege to connect with and serve. Our people make us who we are.

We believe small business should benefit all aspects of the local community


Our partners make it possible for underserved populations to receive career coaching/mentoring or the opportunity to start their own company.


Our partners make it possible for churches, non-profits and social enterprises to deliver products and services more effectively


Partnerships help us to expand our reach, capacity and ability to extend employment opportunities and otherwise serve our community.

Partnerships help us make this a reality

Entrepid serves as a talent development drawbridge that responds to the job-market needs of both the organization looking to hire and the individual job-seeker. We recruit, hire and train students, recent grads and other qualifying individuals in need of structured-work experience to work on projects for qualified organizations that join the EmpowerPro Partnership Network.

Empowered Professional (EmpowerPro) Training is designed to be a career accelerator that delivers hands on training and development across multiple industries simultaneously, and allows participants with a diversity of backgrounds, to gain structured work experience and transferable employability skills that will set them apart. Learn more about our partner network.

It takes quality partners to deliver quality solutions

Solution Partners

Join the EmpowerPro Business Network
and help us transform lives

To learn more about our EmpowerPro Business Network and how to underwrite a Workforce Empowerment Cohort or sponsor an individual in our Empowered Professional (EmpowerPro) Training Program, please complete the above form and a you will receive a download that outlines our partnership opportunities.