is to inspire, equip and develop people to pursue their purpose; to go after the thing that only they were created to do and teach, train and lead them in how to use their unique combination of gifts and talents to impact lives and influence the communities they serve.

Entrepreneurial Faith

We grow, develop and equip purpose-driven entrepreneurs to successfully lead in business and in life.

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Empowerment & Education

Live purpose-driven with holistic programs designed to develop you to be mentally, physically & spiritually, your best.

Economic Growth

Entertainment brings delight to people and can be great for inspiring those who aren’t in pursuit of purpose, to get at it.

Entrepid is the management and operation engine of the Entrepreneur, Empowerment and Entertainment Campus (E3C) which provides a comprehensive business and lifestyle solution for entrepreneurs, ministry and business leaders with startup, fledgeling, or growth-stage organizations.

The E3 Campus is also a career accelerator for not only students and recent graduates, but experienced professionals, those making career transitions and anyone who is re-entering the workforce for a any number of reasons.

We teach how to live out the principles of entrepreneurial faith, and we use the vehicles of entrepreneurship, empowerment and entertainment to visibly and tangibly change the course of life for thousands of people.