Get in s.h.a.p.e. to serve others.

We teach, train and coach people to serve each other enthusiastically and on purpose.

#1 place for workplace development.

We equip and inspire each other to give our talents and God-given gifts away every day.

Personalized growth plans.

We empower people to creatively use what they know or what they have to tangibly serve others.

Welcome to Entrepid’s EmpowerPro & Development

Each day is filled with opportunities to develop close relationships, expand your technical knowledge and skillset and grow as a well-rounded professional, guided by the life and ministry values God has shaped within you.

Programs available through EmpowerPro Training

We offer personal and professional development classes, workshops and webinars relevant to both individuals and organizations. Our classes are flexible and allow you to learn alone or with friends and colleagues. Our instructors are highly educated and able to inspire you to give your all.
Our courses include but are not limited to:

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Entrepid’s EmpowerPro Training and Development program leads across several industries when it comes to helping both people and organizations reach their goals. We have personal and vocational development courses, business strategy workshops, a small business legal clinic, business incubator and accelerator programs, and more!

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