Part I – Internet Marketing effectiveness

As a marketing professional, working for small business owners is an art form. You should understand that most, if not all, small business have invested a great deal of their lives into realizing their dream of ownership. The business is an extension of who they are, and the level of success the business achieves, many owners feel is a reflection of themselves. So small business owners are careful about changing what has been working for them, even if it’s no longer working as well as it used to.

internet marketing effectivenessSmall business internet marketing is no different. As marketing trends evolve, the tried and true methods of traditional, outbound marketing methods continue to be the way most small business owners market their business, even though studies have proven that traditional methods are more costly and less effective.

The internet has forever changed the way people shop, share and discuss products and services. As a marketing professional or a small business owner, your livelihood depends on how you use that knowledge to your advantage. Not to be “doomsday-esque” but ignore the way marketing has evolved at your peril.

Think you could grow your business with an estimated 164 million potential customers?

Devote a share of your marketing budget as well as dedicate a portion of your marketing team specifically to your internet marketing effort in order to target over 160 million potential customers online. That’s a smart marketing decision.

So, as a marketing professional or a small business owner you now know that you have the potential of reaching over 160 million people when you market your business on the internet.

What this should be telling you is if your business does not have an online presence, you can be very sure that you are not considered a solution to your potential clients’ problems. You can also be sure that your competition is grateful that you’re sending new customers to them.


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