If you’re already using Facebook for personal reasons, you’re part of the way there. If you’re not already using Facebook in any capacity or you are just unsure about how to set up a fan page, click here to watch a video on how to set up a business fan page on Facebook. 

how to use facebook for small businessKnowing how to use Facebook as part of your overall small business marketing plan is a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal. To begin creating a marketing strategy for your Facebook fan page you need to develop a Facebook content strategy.

How to use Facebook as a content publishing source?

Step 1. Set Goals

What do you want on Facebook? Are you here to continue a discussion with brand loyalists or to attract new brand followers? Either is fine, but it’s important to know what success looks like for you and your brand before you begin.

Step 2. Determine Your Publishing Frequency

Once you know what you hope to accomplish on Facebook, it’s time to decide how often you want to engage your fans. It’s best practice to post at least once per day.

How to use Facebook to Promote Your Business and Engage Your Fan Base

Create daily features and standard topics for each day of the week. For example, Mondays might be designated as the day Facebook fans receive exclusive discounts off your products and services. Tuesdays are fan loyalty days, etc.

Having a structure to your content gives your readers something to look forward to and it also helps you create your content ahead of time. This is where a content calendar becomes useful.

Facebook and social media marketing can be very overwhelming if you don’t have a content calendar in place. Not only does it help to see what you’re going to publish, it’s a running record of what has already been published. A content calendar keeps your content fresh and allows you to see your posts as they relate to your other social media platforms.

View our “Social Media Marketing for Small Business” webinar on demand for more information on how to use Facebook and other social media networks for your social media marketing for your small business. 

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