Social Media Marketing Part II -Measuring Engagement

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measure social media engagement for smart marketingEngagement. Everyone who comes to your website that was referred from a social media source, is not going to immediately become customers or leads, but knowing what they are doing on your website is still important. Measuring how engaged your website visitors are is another useful metric that can give you insight into what people are interested in what they’re not.

Two easy engagement metrics for your small business social media marketing are page views per visit and time spent on your website. Your analytics software should allow you to measure both of these metrics.

The reason you want to track these two metrics is because the longer a website visitor stays, or the more pages she reads, the more value she is getting from your content and the likelihood she will be back for more is much greater. So keep an eye on sources that are  generating  traffic even if they haven’t yet produced any sales, they are still delivering highly engaged visitors and as your traffic increases, your highly engaged visitors will begin to convert into sales.

Your website analytics software should also allow you to see your bounce rate. A bounce rate is when a website visitors lands on a page on your website and immediately leaves or bounces off your website. If you see a page that has a high bounce rate, it’s a good indication that where they are landing is not meeting their needs. This gives you the opportunity to fix it.

Is the page relevant to the reason they came to your website? If it’s not, they feel tricked and they leave without wasting any more of their time. However, if they are being referred to your site and landing on a page that is relevant and useful and your bounce rate is still high, consider rethinking the referral source they came from. Maybe it’s not really used by your target market.

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