Part III – Measuring Off-site SEO

Basic off-site metrics to measure social media marketing efforts. Off-site metrics is activity that happens on other sites (or locations) where you and your target market and/or customers interact.

How to measure Twitter for small business effectiveness

measure your twitter with retweetsThe simplest metric is how many followers do you have? This number hints at a measure of your overall reach. However, it’s a slippery number. You can have 50K followers who ignore your every tweet which means they are useless to you. A good measure of how influential you are is through the number of retweets you get. This means that what you have to say was considered so valuable, someone wanted to share it with their followers as well.

A good way to see what kind of influence your social media presence actually has is by measuring your Klout. Using this free tool to see what your social media influence really is, helps you see areas of weakness and helps you capitalize on your areas of strength. Klout will show you what your measurement of your overall online influence is and let you see who influences you online as well as the type of social media engager you are.

How to measure your small business effectiveness on Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn both allow you to create pages for your business, and again the easiest way to measure your effectiveness is to see how many people “like” your page on Facebook or “followers” your company has on LinkedIn.

Both Facebook and Linked In provide analytics for your to track how many new people are liking and/or following your business.

In order for you to get the most out of your social media marketing for your small business, your Facebook and LinkedIn business profiles need to drive followers to landing pages on your website so that your analytics and tracking on Facebook and LinkedIn can be used to see what your “likers” and “followers” value about your company.

Before you begin any social media marketing effort, make sure you set achievable goals  and know how you’re going to measure what success looks like. Also, be sure to choose an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use web analytics package.

Here are some web analytics software that are easy to use:

Google Analytics (

HubSpot (

Going up (

Hootsuite ( Provides analytics specifically for your social media sites.

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