After you have written a dashingly good blog, the next question is: Now what? Mediocre bloggers think  as long as you are pushing out content people must be seeing it. If you are getting solid feedback from comments or reblogs then that is a safe assumption. But, if you feel you are not reaching as many readers on your blog as you would like, and if you are using social media to share your blog, you can track how far it is traveling.

Many sites offer different forms of short code to show how many clicks you receive once posting on a social media account. Sites like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Bitly take your link and make it a much more viewer-friendly to users as well as social media platforms. Accounts are easy to set up and take less than a minute to link with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

After sharing your blog on Twitter to all of your dedicated tweebles, the next step is to see how far that tweet traveled. Regardless if another person retweets or not, if the link is still used in the tweet to make it seem more like their own, it can be tracked on This site allows you to enter in your original link and see how many times it was tweeted about or reused.

Similar to Twitter, Facebook has tracking analytics as well; Facebook Insights.  Insights can only be used for Business Pages and not personal posts, but assuming that your company has a Business Page, Facebook has made it very simple to track where your posts are going with the application. Facebook gives you a detailed look at demographics per click, how many people talked about the post, and how many potential users saw your post.

With all of these great tracking tools it is easy to see what content is more popular among your readers. If you do find your hot topic spend more time talking about it to further engage your readers.

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