Problem 1 – Small Business Marketing is left until the need for customers arise

why most small businesses suck at online marketingAs professional service providers and small business owners, you are responsible for every aspect of your business. You oversee the daily tasks, the bookkeeping and the customer service that is provided to the customers you’ve worked so hard to get. Because you’re being stretched so thin, marketing your small business is usually left until you’re in need of more customers and then forgotten again once you’ve gotten some customers for the time being.

Marketing your small business needs to be an ongoing activity. You should have a list of daily, weekly and monthly marketing tasks that are ongoing and that are continuously generating leads.
Daily tasks can include following up with leads who have called, emailed or filled out a form on your website and participating in social media. Weekly tasks should include blogging and other participation in the blogosphere i.e. reading and commenting on relevant blogs. Monthly tasks should include developing information content, lead nurturing campaigns and checking on the progress of existing campaigns.

Problem 2 – Marketing is entrusted to under qualified individuals and no tracking methods are in place to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Small business owners and professional service providers try and cut corners hoping you’ll see a return on a zero investment. It’s easier and cheaper, you say, to just do it yourself, or have your web savvy intern or daughter hand out fliers at the grocery store, or update your Facebook page every now and then. Although you may save a few dollars on the front-end, what you’re losing in the long run should make you stop and rethink your methods.

Using under qualified individuals to handle your marketing most likely means there is no tracking method in place. If you’re not tracking your marketing, it’s practically worthless. You think you know what’s working, but you don’t really know and if you are right about what’s working you don’t have any idea how well it’s working or how much you’re actually spending on your marketing per customer. Being able to repeat your marketing successes is what helps you grow your businesses.  Having a tracking method in place, is what lets you to know what your marketing successes are. If you don’t know how to get this started, hire someone who does, and let them show you how.

Problem 3 – No company blog and not participating in social media marketing

A major reason that small business owners and professional service providers suck at marketing is because you don’t know the value of blogging for business nor the power of social media marketing for your small business. If you don’t already have a blog for your business you are now in the minority of business owners and have limited your ability to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

The same goes for social media marketing. Alone, social media marketing is not the answer to your marketing needs, but implemented within the larger marketing plan, social media marketing allows you to engage, promote and grow your online footprint, which greatly effects your search engine rankings.

Let’s summarize: 

Problem 1 – Marketing is left until the need for customers arise.
Solution: Market continuously on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to maintain steady lead generation. 

Problem 2 – No tracking method in place to determine what’s working and what’s not.
Solution: Hire someone to show you how to track your marketing, or if you already know how to track, being disciplined to incorporate tracking into all your marketing campaigns. 

Problem 3 – No company blog and not participating in social media marketing
Solution: Develop a blogging and social media marketing strategy and begin blogging for your business and participating in social media.

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