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3 Ways to Support Local Business

[heading_3][dropcap type=”simple”]A[/dropcap]s small business owners we are sometimes the most hypocritical buyers. We want everyone to buy from us, but how many of us support local business ourselves? We need to make it a point to buy more of our office products and business services from local providers. If we all supported local business the […]


How to be the Greatest of All Time

esterday the “greatest of all time,” Muhammad Ali, celebrated his 71st birthday. He is one of the most loved men in the world. Why is he so loved? Sure it’s because he’s the former undisputed heavy weight champion of the world, but it’s so much more than that. Sure, talent matters, but LeBron James, Kobe […]


Introducing S.E.E.D.

The unemployment rate for professional and business services continues to be at 9.2% which is higher than the national average by almost a full percentage point. At Louve Notes Media Group, instead of dwelling on the problem, we’ve decided to be the solution. Introducing S.E.E.D. Startup Employment and Educational Development. S.E.E.D is a membership program that […]


4 Small Business Marketing Lessons

If every day your customers ask you for things you don’t have and in turn refuse to buy what you do have, you should reassess your product offerings, or at the very least, integrate what your customers want into what you’re offering. The customer wasn’t asking the owner to change what he was offering, he […]

The new Pizza oven

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You Might be Afraid of Social Media Marketing If…

Three Ways to Tell if You’re Scared Twitless Social media marketing has become a key term for most small business owners who are trying to   engage consumers. By now it’s fair to say that if you’re living a remotely “normal” life, that you’ve heard of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s also […]

LinkedIn Means Business: Get More Clients Using Social Media

Article first published as LinkedIn Means Business on Technorati. There has been a lot of talk as to whether or not social media is the front runner in another inflated internet bubble waiting to burst, leaving users “virtually” friendless and clueless. Will everyone be out of the loop, with no one keeping track of daily deals, happenings […]