—By Mark Samuels

ZD Net

Making decisions based on the right data is key, but success is not just about number crunching. entrepidinc.news/build-data-driven-culture #business

Making business decisions based on the best available data is fundamental, but not always easy. Technology, processes, and company culture can all have an impact on how data is used within an organization. Digital leaders suggest organizations must focus on three key areas: strategy, culture, and agility, which was discussed at a recent event held by Adobe in London, alongside its recent Digital Trends 2018 report. Continue reading. 

—By Daniel Gilbert

Search Engine Land

entrepidinc.news/dynamic-search-ads #marketing

So, machine learning in AdWords is great and definitely the future. But Dynamic Search Ads?

When to use DSAs

Dynamic Search Ads are generally for beginners and are used in the following situations:

  • If you have a very high-volume account, and your website is basically perfect in terms of SEO. (However, even if perfect, most SEO sites are far from optimal.)
  • To pull in some new keyword ideas to a managed account.
  • As a catch-all, or to sweep up extra traffic.
  • For an Inventory Management Feed (IMF), where you don’t have the time and money to do this manually or use bespoke technology.
  • If you are new to paid search or have absolutely no time to manage campaigns. Read more