Use social media if you want to grow your business, pay attention.  As a small business owner, you know it should be a part of your marketing mix, but what you may not know is how to get the most out of it or even how to use it at all.  There are several different forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It’s important that we view social media as a tool and not an end unto itself.  It must be maintained on a constant basis.  It is also ever changing and new user interfaces are added every few months.

The key takeaways from today’s social media audio blog are:

  • If you choose to use social media as part of your marketing, define it in your marketing plan.
  • Social Media is not an end unto itself and should fit into your overall marketing plan.
  • Know your business goals and what strategies and tactics you want to use to achieve them and whether or not social media is a good tactic to use.
  • Know how you’re going to measure the success of each tactic before you begin.
  • This is a great tactic to grow your business, but how does it fit into your overall marketing plan?
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