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Why Small Businesses Fail

And why they don’t have to There is something magical about starting a business. The fulfillment of creating a solution to a need that a number of people have and getting paid for it is pretty fantastic. So you start a company because you want to do this magical thing forever, but then you realize […]

Are You LinkedIn? Social Media for Service Professionals

Article first published as Are You LinkedIn? on Technorati. After eight years of being the social media hot spot for business professionals, LinkedIn reached its 100 million user mark. However, there are many service professionals who still don’t get LinkedIn’s full value. Pay to Play Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn offers a more corporate, professional feel. There is a subscriber […]

Inbound Marketing Blueprint-Step 4 Leads

Conversion to get more leads: You’ve done a great job optimizing your website using keywords and your site is getting more traffic, but none of that traffic is leading to any new customers. Now what? It’s simple, now your goal is conversion. Offer your visitors something and convert your visitors into leads. The only way to […]


How to Blog and Not Hate Doing It

One of the main objections that health and fitness professionals have toward blogging is “I don’t have time to blog.” the other is, “I hate to write.” Creating content for a blog doesn’t have to come in written form. Engage your target market in the way that’s most authentic to you. If writing a blog […]


Choose the Right Goals to Help Business Grow

There are many great quotes that reiterate how important a well-crafted plan is to success.  If you choose the right goals from the beginning, you can help your business grow immensely. “A good plan is like a roadmap, it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there” -H. Stanley Judd. As […]


Why Service Professionals Should Use Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is used by smart business owners who understand the power of inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing strategies give service professionals a clear, measurable way to get more clients and build a sustainable business. It has proven to be a more cost-effective way to boost search engine rankings, generate quality leads and drive website traffic. According […]