As a service professional, managing your small business marketing is one of your many responsibilities. With so many tools that measure site visits, tweets and blog subscribers, it’s easy to know that your content or your video was interacted with, but do you understand what the interaction is telling you about your prospect?

Do it yourself marketing tools can’t do it all.

small businessOnline marketing for service professionals has gotten easier with the do-it-yourself tools, but the marketing tools alone are not enough to give you a complete picture of the type of interaction your prospect had on your website. You need a real person, not just computer software, who can analyze not only the content that was consumed, but the level of engagement that may show how your prospect felt about your product, service or industry knowledge.

As a professional service provider looking to grow your business, it is necessary to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, blogs, landing pages, and other lead generation tools, but you should also be looking at the type of interaction that is happening with your brand as well. Discover the way your readers view your brand by building a relationship with them through your content and the value you add to their lives.

It’s more than a numbers game

As a service professional, marketing is the lifeline of your business and handling it smartly, efficiently and cost-effectively is always the goal. Do-it-yourself marketing tools may churn out numbers with nice graphs here and there, but not understanding the information will hinder you from making the most of it.

Engagement is a conversation and that conversation can’t be one-sided or left up to interpretation by a machine.

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