As we learned last time in our previous smart marketing post, Call to Action, or C2A, buttons are helpful in tracking progress of potential customers to clients.  They are also useful for enticing new website visitors to learn more about your small business.  Below are some valuable tips for placement of your calls to action so that your business can engage in smart marketing:

Visitors who are new to your site are there for information. 

Statistics show that most website visitors that are new to a page are simply there to find out more about who you are. They just want information.

where to place your call to action buttonsThey are also very unlikely to scroll below the fold, while on your homepage.  Using this information, you should place your call to action “above the fold” on your website.  This means that the reader should be able to see it without having to scroll down the page at all.

Address the different buying phases of your site visitors.

You will have visitors on your site that are at different buying stages and know that about 75% of readers are in the early stages of the buying process.

These visitors are interested in what your business has to offer, but are not sure if they want to invest quite yet. Knowing this, make sure that your homepage has several call to action buttons that speak to visitors at different phases or a button that speaks to a common problem your customers may have regardless the phase.  If your small business focuses on treating chronic back pain, create a call to action that jumps on your front page that says, “Chronic back pain? Click here to find out how we can help you.”

The other 25% of website visitors are in the later phases of the buying process and have probably already visited your website and/or subscribed to your blog. They are familiar with the layout and navigation of the page.

They don’t need to be convinced that your product or service works, they already know it does, and because of this you should have C2As located in lead nurturing campaigns that focus on targeting their specific needs and lead them further down the sales funnel.

Also, be sure not to leave out your current customers. You should have C2As on your site that encourages your current customer base to upgrade or check out your latest and greatest product or service. Create demand for your business with a C2A focused just on your repeat customers.

Now it’s your turn. What are some other ways and places you can use C2As to convert your website visitors? Tell us your ideas in the comments box below.

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