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FOMO is Attributed to Social Media Addiction

Consumers in America are so addicted to their social media networks that they would rather get a root canal than surrender their social network profiles.  Their main reason? FOMO: fear of missing out. Social media marketing is growing in importance for small businesses. Seventy-three percent of small businesses are using social media to get their […]

Are Tablets a Good Business Tool?

In the next year, we can probably expect tablets to become one of the most useful business tools for businesses.  Desktop computers will still hold their ground, but tablets are quickly replacing laptops in 2012 The iPad may still be the King of the Tablets, but when deciding on which tablet to invest in, here are a […]

Expand Your Business in a World Powered by Text

Improving the functionality of your business can be easily accomplished by using the most powerful resource available: text.  Check out these simple ways you can expand your business today: Text Your Customers If you have customers who use the text messaging capabilities of their cell phones, you should take advantage of this opportunity to get […]

Quick and Dirty Marketing Tips for Busy People

As a media and marketing company, we have heard every excuse in the book for why people don’t implement an online marketing strategy for their small business.  But the one excuse heard most is “I don’t have the time.”  If this sounds like something you’ve uttered in the past six months, there is a cure! […]

Leap Day Calls to Action

At the end of this month, we will actually be observing February 29, a day usually not in our yearly calendars.  But do you know the reasoning behind leap year?  Basically, it takes the Earth 365 days and 6 hours to complete an entire revolution around the sun.  Therefore, leap day occurs every 4 years […]

Show Your Blog Some Louve

This Valentine’s Day, show your blog some Love by following these simple steps: Love your blog by updating on a weekly basis – if you don’t, who else will? Answer and respond to the comments left by your loving readers Make sure your sharing buttons are up to date with the latest social media sites (Google+ and […]

What is Mobile Marketing?

Essentially, the word “mobile” means capable of being moved.  When you think of marketing and advertising, you may not necessarily associate those two words together.  But in this day in age, when almost every single person walking down the street carries the Internet in their pockets, you as a small business owner need to take […]