As a small business owner, your marketing is the heartbeat of your business and is what’s used to increase the number of current customers you have. It’s vital that you understand the way marketing changes and know what the most effective way is to communicate with your target market. With dramatic increases in technology over the past few years, your small business should be using inbound marketing methods to get found by potential clients and to grow your business.  With this method, your message is not being screamed at your customers who are not interested in what you are offering, instead your message is being found by your customers who were searching for you online.

what is inbound marketing?Inbound marketing pulls your customers into your business through the use of keywords phrases that your customers are searching for via search engines. Inbound marketing uses social media sites to help promote your business and your message. From Facebook’s Statistics page, “More than 750 million active users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.”  The idea is simple: get your business on Facebook so that potential customers can find you.

Now is your chance to think outside of the traditional [outbound] marketing “box” and do something new that’s proven to work.  Get on Facebook to get more clients.  Use your Twitter to let clients know you’re listening to them and care about what they need.

Build your blog on your own website.  If you have a blog on Facebook, that is great.  But if you want to retain that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) credit, you should integrate the blog onto your own website.  This way, when a potential customer searches for your business using a search engine, your website and blog will come up.  It is highly encouraged to link your Facebook page back to your website as well, this way people know you are a stable company and it increases your credibility.

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