A recent trend happening on Facebook right now is the debut of Facebook polls.  As a small business owner this is a great opportunity to add this to your social media marketing arsenal should be using this new tool to reach out to your followers and see what their hot buttons are.  You can then show them the value of the services your business specializes in and how it relates to the areas that are important to them.

using facebook polls to drive traffic to your website and facebook pageWhat kind of questions should you ask?  Try to refrain from asking yes or no questions.  Instead, ask questions that users would actually answer and that pertain to their everyday lives.  For example, if you are in the chiropractic business, you can have a poll such as:

My latest chiropractic experience was:

  • Awful, I’m still in pain and I’m still paying for the bill
  • Alright, but not great – I’m looking for a new chiropractor
  • Average, I have no complaints but it doesn’t stand out in my mind
  • Amazing, I have already booked my next appointment
  • Other (explain)

The main component I look for at my chiropractor is:

  • Friendly staff that care about my treatment
  • Fast service, short wait times
  • Clean environment, including the waiting room
  • Complimentary services, including coffee, massage chairs and my choice of music
  • All of the above

Once you have your poll out in the blogosphere for a while, you are then able to view the results.  You will get a list of the participants who answered your poll question and ranking of all of the answers.  This should help your business narrow down any issues your customers are currently having as well as find out what is important to potential customers.

Some quick tips:

  1. Put a hard deadline on your poll to increase traffic “Answer by the end of the week!”
  2. Make sure your poll question(s) relates to your business so that you can use the results to improve your business
  3. Don’t overload your Facebook followers with polls.  One per week is enough.
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